Weekly Activities Aug.13-20

August 13, 2017 10:15 AM | Maryellen Bertrand (Administrator)

Sunday Aug. 13 Softball 11-1      Ball Game grill  After the game Bring a salad/dessert to share Burgers and Hot Dogs provided

Monday Aug. 14 Yoga 8:00     Kids Game Night  7:00

Tuesday Aug.15 Senior Exercise 9:30    Arts and Crafts 4-5      Kids Field Games 5-6        Adult Tennis Scramble 4:30-6:30

Wednesday Aug. 16 Adult Tennis 9-Noon   Kids Softball  5-6     Ladies Porch Party 5:30

Thursday Aug. 17 Kids Tennis Clinic  9-11   Senior Exercise  9:30    Kids Tennis Scramble and Pizza  5:00

Friday Aug. 18  Scavenger Hunt 5:00

Saturday Aug. 19  Adult Tennis 9-Noon     ANNUAL MEETING 9:30 Your membership dues must be paid in order to vote!!!!!!!!! (Please pay prior to the 9:30 meeting start)

Sunday Aug. 20 Sunday Services 9:30 A.M.

Activities are over on Saturday Aug 19. Thanks to all who chaired,volunteered and participated in this years events,it was a great season!

Thank you to the following people who chaired an activity this past week:   Mary Rush and Sarah Dawson the Beach Picnic,Pat Landurand for the Food Sale along with her volunteers Gail Ross Ginny Rush,Leslie Whitehouse,Connie Saindon, Donna Logan,Kate Turpie,Cindy Raposa and Roseanne Bourassa.

Pete and Suzie Hamblett for the Pancake Breakfast along with Andy and Meaghan Hamblett,Leslie Gamache,Maureen and Robert Driscoll and the waiters and waitresses Katy Lindley,Jonathan and Luke Yerrall,Luke and Zach Arnpriester, Al Dawson, Jefferson,Caroline,Luke and Dylan Driscoll.

Kathy and Matt Lindley for the Porch Party.

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