• August 10, 2017 4:50 PM | Maryellen Bertrand (Administrator)

    Ocean Point Column

    August 10,2017

    By Maryellen Bertrand

    The celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Wilson Chapel was a beautiful service with a very large crowd in attendance; Rev. Thomas Kerr presided over the ceremony. Nat Wilson spoke of his family’s involvement in building the Chapel and President Stan Martin gave a brief history of the chapel. Several Ocean Pointers recalled their own personal memories of the chapel through the years; it was a memorable day for all.

    Activities coming up at the end of the week of August 6 include the kid’s Capture The Flag with Nick on Thursday the 10th at 7:00 and the Food Sale on Friday August 11 beginning at 9:30. Please bring your food items to the Casino by 9:00 and stay and enjoy coffee, donuts and good conversation.

    Saturday morning August 12 the Hamblett Family along with Maureen Driscoll will be cooking up everyone’s favorite breakfast, pancakes, from 8:30-10:00.

    Later that evening Matt and Kathy Lindley will host the second Porch Party of the summer beginning at 5:30. Bring your beverage of choice and an appetizer to share.

     Rev. Edward J. Wynne, Jr. United Methodist Minister (Ret.) Damariscotta, ME will conduct Sunday Services at the Wilson Chapel on August 13 beginning at 9:30, all are welcome.

    Liz and Paul Holland will organize the Ball Game Grill to be held after the softball game on Sunday August 13. Please bring a salad or dessert, burgers and hotdogs provided.

    For all of the fishing enthusiasts the Saltwater Tournament will take place all day on Saturday and Sunday August 12 and 13 at the Boothbay Lobster Wharf. An adult ticket is $20.00 and children are free. The weigh in is Sunday from 5-7. Tickets are available at Oak Street Outdoors, 43 Oak Street or call 633-1290 for more information.

    Monday August 14 Ginna Yerrall is arranging another kid’s game night beginning at 7:00.

    Susan Anderson is organizing the Adult Tennis Scramble on Tuesday the 15th and she and I will host the ladies Porch Party on the 16th,bring an appetizer and your beverage for that event.

    The second of the kid’s Tennis Scramble and Pizza night is happening on the 17th at 5:00 and the Scavenger Hunt will follow on Friday the 18th,both of these activities are thanks to Ginna Yerrall.

    I’m Sad to report that our activities schedule will end on Saturday the 19th with the Annual Meeting beginning at 9:30 A.M. Please be sure to pay your membership dues prior to that date in order to vote on some important issues.

    Leroy’s Seafood is available on Friday mornings in front of the Inn. Along with fresh lobster meat and crabmeat his wife Brenda’s homemade sauce, relishes and salsa are available for purchase and they are delicious. While there stop by the Inn to browse in their gift shop, they have many great hand made gift items.

    Have a great week!

  • August 07, 2017 10:49 AM | Maryellen Bertrand (Administrator)

    Beach Picnic scheduled for this evening has been rescheduled for tomorrow evening Aug. 8 at 5P.M.

  • August 06, 2017 8:10 AM | Maryellen Bertrand (Administrator)

    Sunday Aug. 6 100 Anniversary Celebration of Wilson Chapel 1:30  All Welcome!!

    Monday Aug. 7  Yoga  8:00       Family Beach Party and Picnic  5:00 

    Tuesday Aug 8 Senior Exercise 9:30    Kids Arts and Crafts  4:00    Kids Field Games 5:00

    Wednesday Aug 9 Adult Tennis 9-Noon     Kids Softball 5-6    Mexican Train Game 6:00

    Thursday Aug. 10 Kids Tennis Clinic 9-11    Senior Exercise 9:30    Capture The Flag 7:00

    Friday Aug.11  Food Sale 9:30-11  Kids Kickball 5-6    Kids Movie Night  8:00

    Saturday Aug.12  Pancake Breakfast 8:30-10:00   Adult Tennis 9-Noon      Porch Party  5:30

    Sunday Aug. 13 Ball Game Grill after the game. Bring a salad or dessert to share Burgers and Hot Dogs provided.

    Another Reminder to all: Membership dues must be paid in advance in order to vote at the Annual Meeting on the 19th.

    Thanks for your continued support of activities!

  • August 03, 2017 5:13 PM | Maryellen Bertrand (Administrator)

    Ocean Point Column

    August 3,2017

    By Maryellen Bertrand

    This past week was a bit quiet with just the regular weekly activities being held, next week we will resume with special events.

    Thank you to Maureen Driscoll and Liz Holland for a wonderful family beach picnic held on the 24th and to Sue Clark for an incredibly informative tour of the Grimes Cove area on the 26th. If you do not have a copy of Sue’s book,” Past Images” it is well worth purchasing and makes a great gift; her book is currently being sold at EBGS and the Ocean Point Inn.

    Mark your calendars for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Wilson Memorial Chapel to be held on Sunday August 6th at 1:30 P.M. with a reception to follow, all are welcome. That morning Rev. Bradbury J. Mitchell Minister Emeritus, Unitarian Universalist Church, Brunswick Maine will conduct regular Sunday Services at the usual time of 9:30.

    Mary Rush and Sarah Dawson will host the next Family Beach Picnic on Monday August 7th at Grimes Cove. You are asked to bring your own food and come join the fun.

    Mexican Train Game is on the schedule for Wednesday August 9 and is being organized by Connie Saindon. I personally have never played this game but I’m told it is a great time, so please join Connie for this event.

    Unfortunately, the Clamshell Golf Tournament had to be cancelled as many of our Ocean Point golfers who would normally play have scheduling conflicts and are not available on that day.

    The August vacation crowd is beginning to arrive; Rick and Claudette Ford are here at their cottage and are enjoying the beautiful weather. Rick and Claudette’s son Ben recently graduated from U Mass Boston, Magna Cum Laude, with a degree in Environmental Science. Ben is working for the Army Corps of Engineers.

    It is great to see David Ripley and his wife Pam of Houston Texas vacationing in the Merton Cottage.

    Many of the Hamblett Family, Andy and Meaghan and John and Barb and their children are here enjoying the great boating weather with Suzie and Pete. They will be hosting the second Pancake Breakfast in the middle of this month that will be more details in next week’s column.

    I want to again remind Ocean Pointers regarding membership dues. If you plan to vote at the Annual Meeting on August 19 then your membership must be current and your dues paid, preferably before that date. Our Treasurer Jen Klein will accept dues the morning of the meeting but you must come early in order to do that.

    Enjoy the beautiful weather and have a great week!

  • July 30, 2017 5:46 PM | Maryellen Bertrand (Administrator)

    Monday July 31  Yoga 8:00

    Tuesday Aug. 1 Senior exercise 9:30     Kids Arts and Crafts 4:00    Kids Field Games 5-6

    Wednesday Aug 2 Adult Tennis 9-Noon    Kids Softball 5:00

    Thursday Aug. 3 Kids Tennis Clinic 9-11  Senior Exercise  9:30 

    Friday Aug. 4 Kids Kickball 5:00

    Saturday Aug.5 Adult Tennis 9-Noon

    Sunday Aug. 6 Chapel Services  9:30    Sunday Softball 11-1   Anniversary celebration of the Wilson Chapel 1:30 Reception to Follow  All are welcome!!

    Thanks to all who chaired an activity last week: Maureen Driscoll and Liz Holland Kids Picnic, Kenny Schroeder Ball Game Grill,

    Sue Clark Walking Tour and to all those who volunteered and participated!

    REMINDER:  IMPORTANT ANNUAL MEETING AUG. 19 beginning at 9:30. You must be a paying member to vote. If you have not paid your membership please make every effort to pay before Aug. 19!

  • July 28, 2017 3:15 PM | Maryellen Bertrand (Administrator)

    Hi Golfers,

    If you are interested in playing in the Clamshell you need to sign up ASAP as the CC needs to have the info early. They are getting very busy over there and they want to know if we are having the Tournament.



  • July 28, 2017 3:09 PM | Maryellen Bertrand (Administrator)

    Ocean Point Column

    July 27,2017

    By Maryellen Bertrand

    We are moving quickly through July with another successful week of activities. Many thanks to Roseanne Bourassa for organizing Ladies Bunco and the Browns, Danas and Whitehouses who hosted the Porch Party, both were well attended.

    During the Porch Party our Vice President Mike Anderson reminded those gathered of the importance of the up coming Annual Meeting on the 19th of August. Please be sure that your membership has been paid so that you have the opportunity to vote on some important issues.

    The results of the Sunday Softball are as follows: Team Plummer defeated Team Bertrand 10-7. Gerry Plummer hit 3 home runs for the win and Kyle Rush and Owen Dawson made outstanding catches.

    After the game a good crowd was on hand to enjoy our first Ball Game Grill of the season. Thank you to Kenny Schroeder and his sister Melissa Bliss, Jim Rush and Carol and Dick Palmer for their assistance.

    Coming up this week Sue Clark will be conducting a walking tour on the history of Ocean Point Cottages. Please join her for this informative tour beginning at the Casino at 3:00P.M. The tour will include the Grimes Cove area as well as the cottages along Shore Road heading toward the Casino.

    One change to the current activities schedule is Lara Nordenson is switching Yoga from its time slot on Saturday to the same time on Monday, 8:00 A.M.

    Rev. Bradbury Mitchell, Minister Emeritus, Unitarian Universalist Church, Brunswick, Maine will conduct Sunday services at the Wilson Chapel on August 6 beginning at 9:30.The 100th Anniversary of the Wilson Chapel will be held on that Sunday at 1:30 P.M. followed by a reception, all are welcome!

    Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Pat Farrin. Pat requested that I mention to everyone how grateful he is for all your kind words of encouragement and your thoughts and prayers. Pat continues to do quite well as he moves forward through this challenging time. Pat is such a wonderful friend to all of us here at Ocean Point and we certainly wish him the best.

    Congratulations to Kelsey Bennett who has just earned her certification as an Occupational Therapist and to Caroline Kern who has just completed her first year of Nursing School at Yale University School of Nursing where her focus area is Nurse Practitioner/Midwife.

    Congratulations to William Rush and Meaghann Hallissey who were recently married in Poughkeepsie, New York. William is the son of Mark and Flor Rush and grandson of Ginny Rush.

    Daniel Boyd and Alyson Grover exchanged vows recently at Newagen Inn. Daniel is the son of Garry and Marlies Boyd of Ocean Point and Alyson is the daughter of Merritt and Patricia Grover of Boothbay Harbor, congratulations to them as well.

    Just a reminder to all the OP golfers, the Clamshell Open will be held on Saturday August 12 at 8 A.M. The sign up sheet is at the Casino and this event includes lunch at the club.

    Enjoy the last days of July and have a great week!

  • July 23, 2017 11:24 AM | Maryellen Bertrand (Administrator)

    Monday July 24  Yoga 8:00 a.m.   Family Beach Picnic 5:00 p.m.Grimes Cove

    Tuesday July 25 Senior Exercise 9:30   Kids Arts and Crafts 4-5   Kids Field Games 5-6

    Wednesday July 26 Adult Tennis 9-Noon   Walking Tour with Sue Clark  3:00 (starting at Casino)    Kids Softball 5-6

    Thursday July 27 Senior Exercise 9:30   Kids Tennis Clinic  9-11     Capture the Flag 7:00 p.m.

    Friday July 28 Kids Kickball 5-6

    Saturday July 29  Adult Tennis 9-Noon 

    Sunday July 30 Chapel Services 9:30     Sunday Softball 11-1

    Thank you to all those who volunteered to chair an activity this past week 

    Ken Schroeder Ball Game Grill,  Roseanne Bourassa  Ladies Bunco, and The Browns,Danas,and Whitehouses for the Porch Party.

    Thanks to all of you for your participation!!!

  • July 20, 2017 4:40 PM | Maryellen Bertrand (Administrator)

    Attention All Golfers

    Looking for someone to run the Clamshell Open. If you are available please contact me at m.bertrand1@verizon.net

    Does not require a lot of work,just a sign up sheet and speaking with Chad at the club.

  • July 20, 2017 2:21 PM | Maryellen Bertrand (Administrator)

    Just a reminder of the activities happening this weekend.

    Porch Party Saturday at 5:30 BYOB and an appetizer to share

    Ball Game Grill Sunday immediately following the ball game.  Bring a salad or dessert to share.

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