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Season passholders can be single individuals or a family defined as 1 or 2 adults and their immediate children < 26 y/o or 2 other pre-identified children < 26 y/o.

They have unlimited access to both tennis or pickleball courts.

Scheduling is made on an App called “Your Courts” and can be up to two days in advance.

Scheduling and court access in the pre and post season can be coordinated via email with the racket sports committee leaders: Anna Waldman or Lauren Palmer at

Before registering for a seasonal pass an individual or family needs to be documented as a current voting OPCT contributor ($350/family, $175/individual), if you are a previous voting contributor, renew on the profile page. To become a voting contributor click on this link: Become a Voting Contributor

The racket sports fee is $250/family or $160/individual. Please use this link to register and pay for a Season Pass: Racquet Sport Season Pass Registration 

If you are a prior Racquet Sports Season Pass holder, once fees have been paid for 2024 your "Your Courts" account will be unlocked. Please allow at least 72 hrs for the process to take place.

If you are registering for a Racquet Sports Season Pass for the first time, you will receive instructions via email to create a "Your Courts" account.

For those families who are established as current voting contributors there is a racket sports option of a one-week family membership pass for $120 (Two adults and children<26 y/o)

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